JLM週記(13)- Tomorrow 願望就是明天

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主持人: Cedar

Soooradio 基督教廣播電台 JLM週記(13)- Tomorrow 願望就是明天

來到今季最後一集JLM啦。會想念我們的weekly gathering嗎?I am gonna miss you. 不如一起來聚聚吧!

Join me and my super cool daddy as we take a walk down memory lane! We’ll revisit some of my favorite Jesus Loves Me moments from this past season. Get ready for a highlight reel of the times Jesus taught me to embrace the unique person He created me to be – weird voice, giggles and all! God made each of us wonderfully different for a reason. Tune in to celebrate how Jesus loves every piece of our one-of-a-kind selves in the final episode of this first JLM season!

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