JLM週記(11)- Skyword 最後一句

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主持人: Cedar

Soooradio 基督教廣播電台 JLM週記(11)- Skyword 最後一句

今個星期的 JLM 要談論一個有趣的問題:如果你乘坐的飛機出現大危機,你會想寫下什麼最後的話?我們還會聽到Aunt Ashley的故事,以及主耶穌對天堂的承諾。這個話題有點嚴肅,但是我們會帶給大家希望和正能量。準備好了嗎?握緊安全帶,我們出發!

You’ll never guess what I imagined writing if my plane went down! Come join me on this week’s JLM as I share what final words I’d tell my family if we crashed and how Aunt Ashley’s turbulence story got me thinking. I’ll also talk about how Jesus’ promise of heaven gives me peace whenever loved ones have to say goodbye. So buckle up for a bumpy conversation – it’s about to get deep! But don’t worry, we’ll land on hope.

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